Tunisia: Jewish Kabbalists targeted by Mujahideen while praying for the genocide of Palestinians at Ghriba synagogue (🇺🇸)

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May 10th, 2023


A few Jews have just broken their pipes.

[ 🇹🇳 TUNISIA ]

🔸 A member of the Tunisian National Guard opened fire near the Ghriba synagogue in Djerba during a Jewish pilgrimage, killing at least 4 people, including a Frenchman, and wounding 10 others.

🔴 Gunfire heard and panic of Jewish worshippers at the Ghriba synagogue in Tunisia. 🇹🇳

The set of CNews will echo with the vengeful imprecations of the Jews. One can already hear Gilles-William Goldnadel threatening the Quai d’Orsay for its support of « the terrorists ».

Before being stunned by the Jewish media organ during this long day about « indiscriminate terrorism » and « anti-Semitic hatred », here are some facts that deserve to be brought to the public’s attention.

This Tunisian soldier knew exactly what he was doing when he targeted the synagogue of Ghriba, whose main pilgrimage is linked to the rabbinic holiday of Lag Baomer, which was celebrated this year on May 9.

Yesterday, then.

It was a holiday in Israel.

The Jewish colony of Sarcelles was also celebrating.

You probably don’t know what it is.

It turns out that the bloody Jewish holiday of Lag Baomer celebrates Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, a fanatical agitator who during the Roman presence in Judea called upon the Jewish masses to shed the blood of racially « unclean » goyim. His activism and the ascendancy he enjoyed among the Jewish masses led to the widespread Bar Kokhba insurrection in 131 AD.

His goal: to exterminate the non-Jews in Judea and Galilee and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem to give glory to Yahveh over the accumulated heaps of corpses. In short, what we now call Zionism.

In those days, they were called the Sicars after the knife with which they slit throats.

The racial hatred of the Jews was so unleashed that the atrocities committed against Roman officials and soldiers as well as their families forced Rome to carry out an operation on an unprecedented scale to curb the genocidal orgy. The emperor Hadrian, a man of learning, avid for philosophy and reputed for his moderation and pacifism, was forced to adopt the most implacable severity, which underlines, if it were necessary, the appalling ravages to which the Jews were busy at inflicting upon their victims.

Hadrian. If he were alive today, Damien Rieu and Valeurs Actuelles would denounce him as an anti-Semite enemy of democracy.

Rome sent eight legions – more than for the conquest of all of Britain in 44 A.D. – with the mission of stopping Jewish barbarism once and for all. The Roman legionaries carried out this mission during a campaign that lasted three years: half a million Jews were liquidated, all terrorist outbreaks eliminated.

Importantly, Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai is also one of the inspirers of the Zohar, a key work of Kabbalah, the Hebrew black magic.

In order to grasp the situation correctly, it is necessary to understand that these rabbis were acting as political commissars, like their descendants in Russia, 18 centuries later. While they fanaticized the Jewish masses with their violent calls for genocide, they did not conduct armed operations, which were the responsibility of trained terrorists. One of these terrorists, Shimon bar Kokhba, who became the figure of the ‘131 AD revolution, distinguished himself by the frightening abuses he inflicted on the Christian communities living in the region who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of his armed bands. For the record, he took refuge in the last Jewish stronghold in 135: Betar.

This is the name of the terrorist organization to which Meyer Habib belonged in his early youth before becoming a « French » deputy.

You have elected me for the fourth time as your deputy with 54-46!
Thank you all!

« May France enjoy a lasting peace and retain her glorious rank among nations! »

Shimon Bar Kochba’s bloodlust was such that Jews were convinced that he was the machiah. For this reason, he was included in the celebrations of Lag Baomer, along with his mentor, the Kabbalist Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai.

You will think back to the worship of Bar Kochba by these Jewish pilgrims when Goldnadel does his performance on CNews about the « Jewish-Christian alliance » when talking about the affair.

The Israeli government is also composed of fanatical rabbis who identify themselves totally and legitimately with Rabbi Bar Yohai.

We find in the ruling coalition the genocidal rabbis of the Shass party.

La Croix :

The Shass electorate is mainly ultra-Orthodox, but the party has succeeded in broadening it. It is known for its controversial positions. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the party’s former spiritual leader, has said that « the Lord will turn the actions of the Arabs against themselves, deplete their seed and exterminate them.

There are also those of the Religious Zionist Party, of Bezalel Smotrich.

Its activists are followers of Jewish racial supremacy by divine right:

Headed by Bezalel Smotrich, the Religious Zionist Party, founded in 1998, has seven deputies. It is firmly positioned on the extreme right of the Israeli political system, advocating the annexation of parts of the West Bank, the expulsion of asylum seekers and the control of the judiciary by the executive branch.

There is also the « Otzma Yehudit » (« Jewish Force ») organization, which, as its name suggests, wants the total ethnic cleansing of the land that the rabbis want to settle. One of their demands is that any non-Jew suspected of not wanting to serve the Jewish race should be murdered.

Jewish Force leader Ben Gvir applauded Jewish terrorist attacks, including that of Baruch Goldstein, who killed 29 Palestinians in 1994 in Hebron. The party also organized demonstrations in Arab neighborhoods, during which participants chanted « Death to terrorists! »

The agreement between Jewish Force and the Likud party includes a relaxation of the rules governing the use of force. This is supposed to encourage the use of live ammunition in clashes with Israeli Arab demonstrators.

These people explain very publicly their objective: to build a third temple in Jerusalem on the ruins of the Al Aqsa mosque after eradicating all non-Jews, as happened between 131 and 135.

Israel24, Patrick Drahi’s channel, is very comfortable on the subject:

Fittingly, for this May 9 celebration, the rabbis wanted the blood of non-Jewish children to flow freely, as a prelude to their millenarian extermination program.

So they asked the Jewish army – « the most moral army in the world » – to provide their overexcited masses with children’s blood on this sacred day for the Jewish race.

Young Jewish settlers celebrated the assassination of Palestinian resistance leaders including their children and wives #Gaza

As we mentioned yesterday, what the rabbis demand, they get.

To thank the demons of the Kabbalah that they invoke, the rabbis organize massacres of children under the guise of « anti-terrorist » operations

Every year, Jews from all over the world gather in the synagogue of Ghriba, in Tunisia, for this Lag Baomer holiday.

The Jews celebrate the victory of the Jewish race against the nations of the world, implore Yahveh to facilitate the extermination of the goyim who resist them in Palestine by recalling the mass killings against the Romans and Christians in the second century AD.

Finally, the Jews ask their god to hasten the construction of a third temple in Jerusalem at the end of a third and final cataclysmic world war for which the Jews Blinken, Nuland and Zelensky are responsible.

Free love with bombs, goy!

It so happens that Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, inspired by the demon Metatron, is the author of a Jewish Apocalypse which explains how the victory of the Jewish race against humanity will be granted by the Kabbalistic forces of darkness after having used Islam against the Christian world. In particular, the rabbi explains that the arrival of the Islamic armies is a great gift from Yahveh to the Jewish race in that it allows for the killing of large numbers of Christians in the Mediterranean and paves the way for the building of the Jewish world state.

Ironically, Marek Halter and his pet imam Chalghoumi came very close to getting smoked.

Yesterday, during the Ghriba pilgrimage in Djerba, pilgrims of all faiths gathered in joy and fervor. Thank you to the authorities and the police for their support. Let’s celebrate together peace and living together 🕊️🤝 Long live Tunisia! 🇹🇳 #Ghriba #Djerba #Peace

He too came to celebrate the genocidal victory of the Jews against humanity.

What the Jews call a « festival of brotherhood ».

A Festival of Brotherhood ends in blood: an attack at La Ghriba.
Terrorism is not yet dead!

You have been warned, your ears will bleed. The Jewish race is going to make a very long show of itself on all the TV sets in Paris, swearing that it doesn’t know why all this is happening and redoubling its accusations against the goyim who have hated them « without reason » for three millennia.

The French would benefit from being informed of these elements to have a more complete view of the situation. The media being controlled by the Jews, they will remain confined to the lamentations of the chosen people who will explain that there is no other explanation than « hate ».

For good measure, Éric Zemmour and his shabbat goy Damien Rieu will denounce the blind barbarity of the Muslims.

The Muslims are far from having acted blindly. On the contrary, they carried out this action with great religious and historical precision in order to send a message to the Jews who are currently harboring desires for worldwide carnage. The message is: « We know exactly what you are up to ».

Do not hesitate to communicate this text everywhere, in particular to any Muslim concerned about his religion, because he will hardly be able to count on the imam of his mosque to explain to him the genocidal goals of the Jews, even less their religious motivations.

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